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Departmental Meeting on 03.03.14


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Series Lecture of Professor Tapas Kumar Chandra: Lecture1, Lecture2, Lecture3, Lecture4, Lecture5

[Descriptive Measures in Multivariate Analysis: Mohammed Nasser]

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[Contingency Table and Correspondence Analysis]: Nishith Kumar and Mohammed Nasser



Bioinformatics WORKSHOP

Lecture-01: Construction of cDNA library and generating transcriptome sequencing data for bioinformatics analysis (to download please click here)


Class Lectures and Related Materials:

(o) For B.Sc. (Honours) Part-I Students
….. Of Professor Dr. Mohammed Nasser :-  B.Stat. 105: Real Analysis (Please click here)

(o) For B.Sc. (Honours) Part-II Students

(o) For B.Sc. (Honours) Part-III Students

Of Professor Dr. Mohammed Nasser  : Complex Variables, Complex Functions, Complex Differentiation,

Complex Integration, Short Note on C. Int, Univariate and Multivariate Integrals, Vector Calculus

of the course B.Stat. 307: Basic-1, Basic-2, Basic-3, Practical Problem

(o) For B.Sc. (Honours) Part-IV Students

(0) For M.Sc.  Students

Of Professor Dr. Mohammed Nasser : Encyclopedia


For 3H Students  on Simulation

Simulation (Fourth Edition) by Sheldom M. Ross

For M.Sc. Students  on GLM

An Introduction to Generalized Linear Models (Second Edition) by Annette J. Dobson

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